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ScavengersMC is Founded in 1977.

SCAVENGERS mc alicante patchIn café the Bok , Den haag Netherlands

From 07 de september 2013  S.cavengers  are in Crevillente.

 From febr 2015 ScavengersMC Alicante Spain.

ScavengersMC is a international motorcycle club with members from Spain, Holland and France.
The clubhouse of the ScavengersMC is located at Campillos 76 in Crevillente Alicante.


Blogs and Photos

21 September 2019

Motorcycle Events

The Big end of summer Party at Scavengers MC

end of summer party scavengers mc alicante spain

Old School Brotherhood Never Dies.

Old brotherhood never dies
scavengers mc s.f.f.s
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